When did the iPad become such a great computing device?

About 3-4 months ago my iPad Pro became this great computing device. I never saw it in that light and perhaps because I have so many computers and other devices I never really gave it a chance.

I have a MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone 6s and at least a handful of other laptops along with my 9.7″ iPad Pro. I’m a network admin so computers is not somthing I am short of having. There is a routine I developed which involves updating a Numbers spreadsheet, checking and updating an online service, updating a Onenote document and updating a shared note in the notes app. I developed a workflow using my MacBook Pro to get everything done. I was so used to the whole process that I never considered doing it any other way. One weekend I was away from home and my MacBook Pro was tucked away in my bag. I wanted to go through the routine but it was the weekend and I was lazy. I decided to try and do it on my iPad Pro instead and I think that was my Eureka moment. I was able to open my spreadsheet and the online service in split view and work on both simultaneously. Once I was done I could then open Onenote in split view with my spreadsheet and input numbers and calculations. I was able to open all the apps I needed in split view and update everything. I could do everything I usually did on my MacBook Pro just faster and more easily. The change continued when I was able to go through the same process while sitting on a train. Something I never did on my MacBook Pro previously. I connected to my mobile hotspot and opened everything up and just blasted through it. Sure I could do the same on my MacBook Pro by connecting to the mobile hotspot but the difference is would I want to do it that way? The MacBook Pro is bigger and more cumbersome than the iPad Pro, especially in mobile settings. I could, also resize windows on my MacBook Pro to have the apps all side by side but that would affect one of my sensitivities. On the iPad Pro I can put the apps in split view and then go back to the full screen app easily.

I’m also an amateur writer. I’ve writen a couple of books and they have all been written on my iPad. Personally if it weren’t for my iPad I don’t think I would have written them. The size of the iPad enables me to quickly and easily take it out whenever I have spare time to write. It is what encourages me to write when those times are available to me. I’ve also used my iPad with Teamviewer to control my other computers. This morning for instance, I wanted to draw a rough diagram of my home network. I grabbed my pencil fired up the notes app and in minutes I had what I wanted. Sure I could do it on my MacBook Pro. But once again I couldn’t have done it as easily and quickly. I can even write and edit my blogs from my iPad Pro using the WordPress app.


In time I think a lot of the detractors of the iPad will change their tune. In time iOS will get better, features like Split view will get better. Along with new features like Drag and drop between apps, which I’m almost positive, will come to iOS one day. As it is currently I think an iPad Pro with a keyboard and Apple Pencil could be a replacement for many people’s computers. Especially when you consider that the 12″ iPad Pro gives a user even more screen to use. It could not be a replacement for my computer but I’m not every user. There are people out there that use a computer for web surfing, image browsing, media consumption and document editing like spreadsheets, word documents and the like. Which is not to mention its capabilities with apps like Garageband and others. I think people would be surprised that they could easily use an iPad Pro for their needs. But the iPad Pro doesn’t have to replace everyone’s computers. It is just as great as an additional device as well. The beauty is that it is very capable and along with many benefits like its size and mobility. If users just give it a chance they might be as surprised as I was at what it can actually do.