Siri+ Workflow

I’ve been using Workflow for about a week now and it’s amazing. I bought the app a long time ago but at the time I couldn’t really get it to do the things I wanted. I revisited the app recently when it was revealed that Apple bought the company that makes the app. This time after going through the documentation more thoroughly. I was able to set it up to do some of the things I want. I’m impressed by what this app can do but this morning something else hit me. Now that the developers(devs) behind Workflow work at Apple Siri may gain something I’ve always wanted.

You have to start by realizing some of the things that Workflow can do. It can get information from your contacts, compose, send messages(imessage, email, etc), get location information, play music, play playlists, and open apps. Those are only a few of the “Actions” available in the app. Now consider that these are the things Workflow can do using the APIs available to devs. Just imagine the things that it could do now that it is inside Apple. What does this have to do with Siri? Ever been on public transit or a situation where there is no internet connection? Ask Siri to do something and the assistant can’t do it because there is no internet connection. I don’t know about anyone else but this has frustrated me on many occasions. Occasions when I was asking Siri to do something where all the information was on device. Whether I was asking to make a call, play a song, play a playlist or open an app. The information is all on the device so I’ve always felt it was reasonable to expect Siri to do it. So regardless of having an internet connection or not I’m thinking asking Siri to “call my wife”, “play music”, “play xx playlist” or “open Photos” might now be possible. Why? All I’m thinking is Siri + Workflow.

I imagine a Siri that has a certain set of defined “on device” actions. When those actions are triggered Siri uses the Workflow like integration to run those requests. Perhaps iOS 11 will see this integration. I have to warn that I have zero information from Apple or anyone working or connected to Apple. This doesn’t come from “sources who wish to remain nameless”. These are just the ideas that pop into my head when I look at certain logical steps. However what I think is logical aint the same as Apple. So what I’m saying is, this is just my own ideas of what I hope happens which might happen or never actually happen.