iPhone 8 Shock & Awe

There have been post after post about the rumors of the iPhone 8. One of the big things that have been rumored and then complained about is the home button. The iPhone 8 is rumored to have the home button embedded inside the screen. While some have talked about rumors that yeild is not good for the embedded home button. The solution, TouchID on the back of the iPhone. There have been prototypes and renderings of both. Which leaves me wondering who said that Apple has to do one or the other?

Apple loves to shock and wow customers. The iPhone 8 event I think will be one of the most watched and attended. So maybe the reason that there are prototypes, renderings and rumors of both is because maybe the iPhone 8 will have both. It will be faster because whether your finger is resting on the screen or it’s already on the TouchID when normally holding it. The phone will unlock whichever input comes through. It might also eliminate those few times when TouchID has rejected your finger. It also makes sense from an accessibility standpoint. If the home button/TouchID is embedded into the screen and there is no indentation at the location. It would be very hard for someone who has accessibility issues whether tactile or something else.

The thought that Apple would remove TouchID in favor of other technology like iris scanning or facial recognition is ridiculous to me. Apple has spent a lot of time introducing Apple Pay. It still continues to roll out to different places in the world. TouchID is almost hand in hand with Apple Pay. Eliminating it for a technology that is not as proven when it comes to information security would be a mis-step to me. TouchID is also easier to use with ApplePay than facial recognition or iris scanning. Especially when you consider that in order to get Apple Pay to grow and thrive. The majority of users are “everyday users”. People who are already hesitant to use it with TouchID much less to tell those user to use an iris scanner or facial recognition.

Below are schematics, renderings and images from various blog sites.

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Why does it have to be one or the other? Perhaps it’s BOTH!