Arrow: My Take

Marvel is currently the king when it comes to movies. However when it comes to the small screen in our living room, to me, DC has it locked down. Marvel is doing better with their Netflix series and they’ve revamped Agents of Shield (AoS) into something worth watching again. Still DC’s shows are top of the heap for me. My favorites are definitely The Flash and Arrow with Legends of Tomorrow in the last slot.

Now as for Arrow I’ve really been getting into the sixth season. I really like how this season has been progressing. It pulled me back in and I’ve decided to go through the previous seasons and give my take on it. I’ll pepper in some info on the clever references and altered comic book versions of some things in the TV Arrowverse. I’m not going to post after each episode since it’s now on the 6th season. Instead I’m going to watch the complete season and then do a monster post on all my thoughts of the whole season. This way I’ll be able to catch up pretty quick with the current season.

Stay tuned…