Arrow Season 2: EPIC!

I just finished Season 2 of Arrow and for me it was EPIC! I thought Season 1 was the best season I’ve watched and my favorite. Now that has changed to be Season 2. I actually can’t wait to start Season 3 now. I have to say that Netflix has gotten me used to watching the full season of shows and I feel like that is the way of the future, for television. Well I’m just going to jump right in to my thoughts on the second season.

It’s funny because for me, at first, Season 2 lost most of the momentum built up by Season 1. It starts slowly and with Oliver nowhere to be found it totally disconnects from Season 1 for me. Once the season gets started though I forgot all about that and this season was just jam packed and builds to a fever pitch. Thea and Roy Harper continue their connection and I get some back story on what he goes through. I have to say that throughout the way Oliver treats him at every step is kind of harsh. The way he tested the Mirakuru cure on him especially. We get the arrival of Sara and the meeting between her and Oliver is again Epic. This season seems to really set up everything for the future. We see Digg and Layla meet up and later find out they were married once. At the end of the season we then find out that Layla is pregnant with their child. Amanda Waller even makes a joke saying “…your son or is it daughter” a hint at Flashpoint. We also get to see how Oliver and Anatoli meet. Arrow to me seems to be the launching platform for a lot of DC’s shows. We get introduced to Sara who is in Legends of Tomorrow, it sets up the news of the particle accelerator which is the beginning of The Flash. Kord Industries is also constantly teased in Arrow and The Flash. Which makes me wonder if we will ever see Blue Beetle or Booster Gold in either show?

In this season along with Oliver’s flashbacks we now get back story on other characters. There are flashbacks from Sara and John letting us see what they were up to in the past. The League of Assassins and Ra’s al Ghul are very prominent in this season. Along with the arrival of Nyssa, one of Ra’s al Ghul’s daughters and Sara’s love. The revelation that Malcolm Merlyn is Thea’s father comes out. The hints of the Lazarus pit is introduced with his re-appearance after being killed. The introduction of Grant Gustin as Barry Allen is hilarious to see in this season. They even tease his origin with a scene of him standing around chemicals during a lightning storm. Also from Team Flash I get to see the introduction of Cisco and Kaitlyn. Along with Cisco asking Kaitlyn if she got a bad “Vibe” off a security guard. Arrow and The Flash are my two favorite DC TV shows so seeing their characters was awesome. Amanda Waller, Bronze Tiger, the Suicide Squad and a tease of Harlequin were all part of this season. I’m wondering now if a Suicide Squad TV show was in the plans? Season 2 for me is mostly about Sara’s return to Starling city, to her family and how she has changed. Just like Season 1 was about Oliver’s return and transformation.

There were a lot of DC comic characters and elements in this episode. In the comics Dr. Anthony Ivo creates Amazo. Which in the show is the name of the ship he is on. Ivo is so consumed in the comics with creating Amazo that he kills his father and misses his mother’s funeral. The same happens in Arrow just to different characters. One of those characters Sebastian Blood or Brother Blood is another comic character. The other thing I found funny was Isabel’s specially made Deathstroke mask. She looked just like Marvel comics’ Gwenpool just missing a backstory as cool. Finally we get the promise from Anatoli to Oliver that they would be “friends for life”. Which immediately brought me back to the current season. I’m wondering where that promise has gone? It seems Anatoli was only willing to be “friends” with Oliver when it was beneficial to him.

I thought the finale of Season 1 was awesome. Then I watched the finale of Season 2 and to me it was Epic! The finale to me was like a short movie. The way it ended, the way it was shot, the way the stories all concluded and there was a finality to it. After it was done I just had the same feeling as when I finish watching a blockbuster movie. Again it wasn’t like hitting pause in the middle of the story and putting characters in danger for salary negotiations. Some characters left, some died, others found their way out the other side. The best part was just a feeling of happiness for some characters which was a nice break after all the season brought. This is my favorite finale of all time now. I can’t wait to get into Season 3 and see how it stacks up.