Arrow: Season 7 thoughts

I’ve gotten back into watching Arrow. I’ve re-started watching Season 3 while I am on episode 4 or 5 of the current season, season 7. While I will watch all of Season 3 and make a blog post with my thoughts. In the meantime I wanted to give my thoughts on the current season.

Season 6 and the current season have been pretty hard for me to get through. My main reason is because they have outed Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow. The proverbial genie is now out of the bottle and it can’t be put back. I would bet that the base fans of this show are people who grew up reading Green Arrow comics. I don’t know if Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, is asking for “too much” money or he’s getting older and the powers that be are looking at the longevity of the show. But to me it seems like they have been trying to find a way to replace Oliver Queen on the show. Last season John became the Green Arrow when Oliver couldn’t be and even wanted to take over the mantel. There is a Legends of Tomorrow episode where they travel back to Star city in the future and the Green Arrow is John’s son who refers to his father as the former Green Arrow. In this season there are flash forwards with a new Green Arrow who I assume will be Oliver’s son. They are trying to push this Green Arrow mantle and separating Oliver from the Green Arrow. It won’t work and they seem to know that but still keep trying different ways. If you remove Stephen Amell the base of fans will leave and eventually the show will fizzle out.

In the early episodes of the show it was about Oliver’s story. It was about his mission, his transition from The Hood to the Arrow to the Green Arrow, about his interaction with the people in his life along the way. In time the characters grew and their stories became auxiliary to the main story. Like the flashbacks it was entertaining apart from the show’s main story. Now however I find that instead of being ancillary to the main story. They are trying to share the spotlight with all the character’s stories. John, Dina, Mad Dog, Curtis and Siren. I don’t want to say I don’t care about those stories but I feel they shouldn’t all make up the main story. You can see this when in episode 4 or 5 Oliver teams up with Nyssa. This returns to Oliver Queen/Green Arrow being the main story and the show is sparked back alive to me. In The Flash the main story is about the Flash. There are smaller stories for Caitlyn, Cisco and Joe but the main story remains about The Flash. Granted The Flash hasn’t been around for as many seasons as Arrow. I miss the conversations between John and Oliver which were a treat in each of the earlier episodes. They held such gravity, such insight into both characters and their friendship. In the latest episodes they have been few and far in between. Even when they happen they don’t hold the same weight they used to in earlier episodes to me. It’s like the friendship is gone between the two.

Personally though, maybe because I love Green Arrow, I feel like there are so many more seasons to come on the show. We’ve seen the League of Assassins, Deathstroke and Hive among others. Yet that is just scratching the surface of the stories that can still be told. The problem now is how does Oliver Queen once again become the Green Arrow? I keep watching the current season because I want the villian gone and everything to go back to the way it was before. Except short of this being an alternate reality or a timeline the Flash created that is not going to happen. I am intrigued by where this is going but it’s not an excitement for the future of the show. It is more hope for the show somehow returning to what it used to be.