My love of technology started long ago. When I saw the first Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It wasn’t until I turned 12 and lived in Canada that I could afford to buy my own NES. By then it was old news in terms of game consoles so I was able to save up and buy a used one with some games. It was like christmas had come early that year because I still remember my excitement to get it home and hook it up. In high school I took a computer programming course and a 3D modeling course. This is when my love for computers developed. This was in the early days of computers when there were still 5.25″ floppy disks and AOL disks were on 3 ¼” floppies. The days when 56K and V.90 modems were just becoming popular. I didn’t have a computer so I used them at the library every day.

Now I’m all grown up. I work in the IT field and love it. I am a Microsoft Technical Associate (MTA) and currently working on my Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification. It doesn’t mean I’m only good with Microsoft products though. My daily computer is a MacBook Pro. I’ve been using Mac OS for over a decade now so I’m pretty familiar with that OS too. I have used an iPhone since the very first one in 2007 so I’m fluent in iOS. I also just started learning Linux as a personal endeavor. Along with Linux I’m also learning Javascript, HTML and CSS. I plan to learn other coding languages as well. I have always loved coding I just didn’t follow up after the class I took in high school. When it comes to hardware I own 5 computers, 3 running Mac OS, 1 running Windows 10 and the Linux box which is on Linux Mint 17.2. I have an iPhone 6, Retina iPad Mini and a Nikon D40 for my photography needs.

So yeah I have a love of technology, but it’s so much more. I have a love for knowledge in general. I am interested in anything and love learning more and having a deeper understanding of how things work. I hope to share my interests on this blog. There will be posts about computers, mobile computing, coding, photography, comics, movies, music, social networks and so much more. I am aiming to try and put up at least one post every day. However with an almost 2 year old and all the other things in life that get in the way I’m sure there will be days when it just wont happen. I guess we will just have to see…