Come on Canada get with the times

A few days ago Apple Pay finally landed in Canda. Except that it only works with American Express. As I said in my post this is great for AMEX and something the other creditcard companies and banks in Canada should be considering pretty quickly.

The list of institutions working with Apple Pay in the US is astounding when compared to the list for Canda, only one! Sure it launched in the US first but it’s not like Canada has been in the dark all this time. The whole world has known about it and in all the time until it reached us the banks and credit institutions has equal oppurtunity to get it working. The list of Banks that support Apple Pay in the US can’t even fit on one page of the site. Come on Canada get with it and lets not be left behind like other times. I have an AMEX card but it’s not my primary card. I’d also like to be able to add my debit card to the Apple Pay system. This is just embarassing, get with it!